Autistan Day at the Embassy of Autistan in Rio de Janeiro, 31/03/2019

For the Autistan Day 2019, the Embassy of Autistão in Rio de Janeiro proposes an event:

  • “Roundtable” type between autistic people, live with Youtube, on Autistan.TV
  • From the Embassy of Autistan in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  • To give points of view of the autistic of Brazil about autism and their lives (difficulties, wished, etc.)
  • And to answer the questions (previous or live) of the public (parents…)

Protagonists (autistic)Public (parents…)

Protagonists (autistic)

If you are autistic (Asperger etc.),
you can participate:

  • Presentially at the Embassy,
  • or remotely with Skype
    • or with your previously made video recording

—> Participation guide <—
List of the Protagonists

Facebook Group:

Public (parents…)

If you are a parent or anyone interested, you can:

  • 1/ Ask your questions now for the autistic protagonists, with WhatsApp or in our Facebook group:

Facebook Group:

  • 2/ On the day 31/03/2019, watch remotely on the site Autistan.TV:

For this event, the public can attend only at distance.
We do not have enough space to accommodate the public in person, and
we also want to preserve the sensitivity of the autistic and the autistic atmophere during this meeting.

This event follows the guidelines of the concept of “Autistan Day”, detailed here:

Read also (in a new window)
Our announcement about this event.

See also the other event of the Autistan Day 2019 in Brazil,
lwith the Day of Good Deeds on 07/04 at the  Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro

The Embassy of Autistan defends free speech. Autistic guests are free to criticize the social systems of their countries or others, but they do not speak on behalf of our Organization, an extra-national entity that can express opinions on social systems in general, with no purpose (nor even the need) to target specific countries.