International organization formed by autistic people hosts event in Rio de Janeiro

Autistan Day will bring in Copacabana autistic people from all over Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, 20/02/2019

The Autistan Diplomatic Organization, of international amplitude and formed exclusively by autistic persons, will promote on March 31, 2019 the event of the Autistan Day, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The event has the intention of gathering autistic from different locations in Brazil for a kind of roundtable. The venue of the event is the Embassy of Autistão, a space in Copacabana, and will be broadcast online on YouTube. In addition, participants will answer questions from the public.

According to the organizer of the event, the French Eric Lucas, the event fulfills a proposal from the Autistan Diplomatic Organization, which is the protagonism of the autistic people. “Autistic people have the right to participate in public debates and to have their specificities heard in the drafting of policies,” he said.

In addition to the online exhibition, the Carioca event of the Autistan Day will also be broadcast in real time in Belgium during a similar concept event, Journée de l’Autistan. In this exchange, Brazilian autistic people will answer questions from the Belgian public.

To perform the event, the organization is receiving diagnosed* autistic persons from different locations in Brazil who want to talk about themselves voluntarily. The lodging at the embassy is guaranteed for a limited number of participants.

About Autistão

According to Eric, the idea around Autistan took place in a virtual idea of a country exclusively formed by autistic. “Autistan is the country of the autistic in the metaphorical sense. This word was created by our colleague, Josef Schovanec, a very famous autistic in France, “he said.

Present in Brazil and with ambassadors in different places of the world, the Autistan Diplomatic Organization wishes to “explain and support the cause of the autistic people of the world, and autism in general”. This includes efforts to support groups formed by national autistic people for self-determination, protagonism and representation, sometimes debated only between medical professionals and parents.

Please note : This event is public only through Internet.

Event location

For the Public: 
https://Autistan.TV (We cannot receive any public in the Embassy.)

For the Protagonists (autistic):
Embassy of Autistan

Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, nº 542
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP: 22020-001

Note: The Embassy of Autistan cannot receive persons who do not have an invitation confirmed by us).

* : Clarifications on the issue of the “diagnosis”

Due to certain peculiarities of Brazil, we decided, on 15/03/2019, not to oblige the possession or the supply of a medical diagnosis of autism.
But it is mandatory to be autistic to participate as “protagonist” (= to speak as an autistic).
So, our “round table”:
– is open for:
— persons who confirm that they are autistic (with proof, such as a certificate, medical or not, that we recommend to provide);
— persons who are already “Publicly Recognized as Autistic in Brazil”;
— persons who know that they are autistic but who do not have any certificate nor proof, and who therefore declare on their honor that they are autistic.
– is not open for persons who “think they may be autistic” without being sure.

More information about the event:

List of the Protagonists

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